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New Arrival: Data Physics 13,500 lbs shaker system!

Orlando, FL (March 1, 2022) Precision Test Solutions (PTS), a Selima Partners LLC company, a leading independent provider of component testing and product qualification services, is pleased to announce the receipt of a new Data Physics LE1316-3 13,500 lb-force Vibration Test System. The Data Physics LE1316-3 features a frequency range of 5 to 3,000Hz, 79 in/sec, 3.0 inches peak-to-peak displacement and a dual axial bearing armature for outstanding dynamic response. This joins two existing vibration test systems, including an ETS I1045 23,000 lb-force system with a 48” slip table, 180 in/sec, 2.5 inches peak-to-peak, and an LDS Model 960 6,000 lb-force single-axis vibration system, all at the PTS Orlando Environmental Simulation and Product Qualification laboratory. Supporting our dynamics lab are two new Data Physics Abacus 900 Series Analyzers and Controllers and an LDS Laser USB. The 901 model supports six channels while the 906 model can support 18 channels. Need more channels? Both models are expandable to over 1,000 channels. These additions expand the test capability of the lab while improving lead time and open capacity to serve the local market in Florida, and beyond, with reliable and capable test platforms for vibration testing.

Commenting on the recent additions, Senior Test Engineer Eric Brentzel noted: “the addition of the Data Physics Vibration System and three new vibration controllers brings needed capacity and functionality to the lab, complementing recent investments in new chamber capacity and metrology to serve our growing client base”

President & CEO Pravin Sequeira noted: “Our commitment to investment and scaling of the Orlando laboratory is indicative of our desire to engage with new customers and new technologies in development locally and nationwide. We will continue to add capacity and talent as we follow our roadmap for the Company’s future.”

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