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  • Ross Blanco

Tenney Model T15.6ST altitude chamber

Orlando, FL (September 1, 2022) Precision Test Solutions (PTS), a leading independent provider of component testing and product qualification services, is pleased to announce the deployment of our upgraded Tenney Model T15.6ST altitude chamber. Our recent modification will allow up to 160,000 feet altitude. Achieving this vacuum is not easy to do and care must be taken to reduce air leaks. This sometimes involves creating custom feedthrough ports to allow our customers to pass voltage and signals from their test setup to the unit under test inside the chamber. The need for altitude chambers capable of high altitude are becoming more common as our defense, aerospace and commercial sectors push the boundaries of flight. Combined with test parameters in the temperature range of +150°C to -70°C, interior dimensions of 30”x30”x30” and customizable feedthrough ports we are confident our chamber will meet your parameters.

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