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  • Ross Blanco

The Benefits of HALT and HASS

Orlando, FL (August 1, 2022) Precision Test Solutions (PTS), a leading independent provider of component testing and product qualification services, is pleased to announce the receipt of a Qualmark Typhoon 3.0 HALT/HASS test chamber. This chamber is capable of 5 to 65 GRMS with a temperature range of +200°C to -100°C and ramp rates up to 70°C/min. The chamber can support test hardware up to 36x36” and 450lbs. Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is used to determine the upper and lower operating limits and destruct limits during the design verification and validation phases of testing. HALT assists in reducing product development time and cost to manufacturers. Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) is used during the production phase of a product life cycle, to screen for process defects and can also be implemented as part of an ongoing reliability activity. HASS assists in reducing warranty costs and finding defects during production. Implementing HALT/HASS techniques into your product development life cycle can be a valuable pre-qualification and screening tool. Let us help get your reliable product to market faster!

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